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We welcome industry experts, thought leaders, investors, and Space enthusiasts to submit a request to be our guest on the Space Economy Show. 

We look forward to having you join us.



The Space Economy involves a myriad of opportunities from Space Doctrine, the policies and businesses of permanent human settlement on the Moon, Mars and beyond, to the business of transportation, data management, logistics and finance. Additionally, we cover the human side of Space from food science, experimental psychology to pets and animal research in low earth orbit. As such, we're open to a variety of topics focused on educating, enlightening and engaging the business, technology and policy audience. 





Each show is designed for each guest to share thought leadership about the topic agreed upon. While naturally, the nature of your work within the space economy will come up, our goal is to maintain the integrity of the content being shared with our audience. That being said, the Space Economy Show isn't a space to promote specific businesses or products. However, if you have some informative or educational announcement you'd like to make we'd love to have you on. For advertising opportunities please visit our Advertising Program Page.